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Other Services from Chef To You Personal Chef Service 

"Ghost Chef" This is a great service when you would like some
extra help with your party.
This is a great service when you would like some help planning and preparing for a party.  I will plan your menu, do the shopping, help set your table, set up the serving area and then be the "Ghost Chef" that prepares the food for you on site but then disappears before your guests arrive leaving you with heating and presentation instructions.  Prices vary depending on the type of event, your menu, number of courses and the number of guests. Appetizer Parties are always a fun to have.

Full Service Catering/Dinner Parties/ needs to be scheduled at least two week in advance
I arrange your table service, prepare your food and help throughout the party while you enjoy your guests! Cost of the service varies depending on the type of event, type of service, your menu, number of courses, the number of guests and any equipment rentals involved,  If Servers are needed they are hired at the rate of $15 per hr. Extra kitchen help will be hired @ the rate of $30 per hr.

​Cooking Lessons/ need to be scheduled at least two week in advance
Individual customized lessons Individual lessons $60 per person + groceries.
Group lessons - $50 per person- minimum of 4 + groceries.

Cooking Parties/ need to be scheduled at least two week in advance
Lots of hands on learning, kitchen know how and fun. Price varies depending on what you would like.  A menu is planned, food stations are set up, some instructioin is given and then the fun begins.  Cost varies. Another way to do parties is to have me come in and give a cooking demonstration to your party guests. 

​Needing a Special Diet?  (Prices Vary)
In 2012had cancer and needed radiation and chemotherapy.  I remember my struggles with eating… I could not have survived without help.  I will meet with your doctor or dietitian to discuss your special dietary needs. so we can get your meals just right. I will then develop a menu plan based on your needs.  On the day of your service I will do the shopping, come to your home with all of my equipment needed and prepare the planned meals for you. The meals will then be packed in containers and labled with heating instructions. 

Weekly Soup Delivery
If you like home made soups then consider a weekly delivery of a full flavored
delicious soup.  The soups are stored in quart size containers.
Soup choices and prices will vary depending on the season and cost of the ingredients.

Weekly Dessert Order/Delivery
Dessert choices and prices vary depending on the season and cost of ingredients.

​Your Personal Grocery Shopper
Purhaps you love to cook but don't have time to go grocery shopping?... Or because of health reasons you have trouble getting to the grocery store..Let Chef to You  shop for you. $50 per hour. plus the cost of your groceries.

Places I Shop
Carpinito's- from June-November
Shawn and Ted’s Meat Market
Saturday Markets
Fred Meyer- Good bargins and great produce
Whole Foods

I shop at a variety of local stores.  I look for the freshest foods- so I usually try to plan meals around seasonal foods, I try to avoid foods controlled by GMO additives, and I try to buy from Local merchants. It is also important to know that I am always looking to keep your food cost low.